Jack in the Box | Virtual Reality | VR Playhouse | 2016

Brunchfast | Jack in the Box | 360 CGI Experience

Director: Derin Turner
Producers: Ian Forester, Christina Heller, Dylan Southard
Production Coordinators: Joseph Brock, Sara Gunderson
Technical Director | Lead Artist: Jordan Halsey
Chief Technologist: Joel Jones-Marino

To help launch Jack In The Box’s new Brunchfast menu, VR Playhouse teamed with David & Goliath agency, Horizon Media, and influencers Bart Baker, Daym Drops, and Josh Elkin for an epic ride through the potato fields, bacon forests, and brunch-inspired landscapes of Jack’s mind.  I was responsible for designing and creating the 3D food worlds and overseeing the compositing.

Rendering the Worlds in Houdini with Mantra

Environment Modeling in SideFX Houdini

Food Modeling in ZBrush

Compositing the 3D Renders in Nuke

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