Casamigos | Real-time Capture & Compositing | Touchdesigner

Company: VR Playhouse
Client: Casamigos Tequila
Technical Director | Lead Artist: Jordan Halsey
Touchdesigner Programming: Akiko Yamashita, Jordan Halsey
Casamigos Tequila in partnership with Sony Music wanted an Augmented Reality take-away system for Casamigo’s annual Holloween Party. Working with Aki Yamashita, we built a real-time interactive system that would allow for the user to sign in with an email, have the experience and then the video would be auto emailed. Everything was built using Derivative’s Touchdesigner. George Clooney and Rany Gerber were shot on green-screen so they could be composited in real-time during the experience. The viewers were keyed out and tracked with a combination of Chromatte and a Kinect 2 for any interactivity.

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