Archangel | Virtual Reality

Client: Skydance Interactive
Company: VR Playhouse
Role: Technical Director & Lead Artist
Additional Houdini Support: Andrew Stuchlik
Lead Compositor: Albert Cooke
Character Artist: Brandon Johnson

Archangels, a virtual reality video game that was created by Skydance Media. VR Playhouse was hired to create in-game cinematic content that consisted of six unique characters and multiple modular environments. Characters were modeled in ZBrush, and since we needed to model and animate concurrently, a complex Maya pipeline was built using references. All rendering and environmental work were handled through Houdini with compositing in Nuke. The renders were then run through an in-house tool that packed the animations into sprite sheets where RGB and ZDepth were passed to a custom Unreal shader.

Press and Publications
Venture Beat

Environmental Design

Character Design

All character design was done by Brandon Johnson in Zbrush. I was responsible for UV Layou and texturing.

Rendering and Compositing

All environmental design was done in Houdini using a procedural part kit. Due to a large number of environments, a procural texturing pipeline was built between Houdini and Mari. UV’s were auto mapped then using Houdini’s new UV layout tool were packed into efficient, scale corrected UV maps. Using a color-coded system, parts were colored as Material ID’s that would get auto processed through Mari using custom Gizmos to auto texture.

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