The Day the Earth Changed | Virtual Reality

Project Creator: Gabo Arora, Saschka Unseld
Key Collaborator: Nathan Brown, Tom Lofthouse, Jennifer Tiexiera, Nate Robinson, Igal Nassima, Fifer Garbesi
Produced by: Jennifer Tiexiera
Executive Producers: Nathan Brown, Karen Lorenzo, Annette Porter, Beatrice Fihn, Mattias Fyrenius
Producers: Tom Lofthouse, Fifer Garbesi
Production by: Tomorrow Never Knows
In partnership with Nobel Media, ICAN, NTropic+Tactic, and Sisu Films
CG Supervisor: Andrew Cohen
Unity Developer: Florian Bernard
Interaction Designer: Igal Nassima
Graphics Programmer: Nate Turley
Composer/Sound Design: ANTFOOD
In partnership with Nobel Media and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, The Day the World Changed brings to viewers the harrowing impressions of the victims and survivors of atomic bombings and nuclear arms testing through first-hand testimonies, data visualizations, and innovative use of 3-D scanning and photogrammetry.

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