Michael Jackson | Tour Visuals | “This Is It”

In 2009, I was hired by Stimulated Inc, to work on what was at the time called “The Dome Show. A huge Michael Jackson concert that would take place at the Millennial Dome in London. For a month we worked out of a large dressing room at the Forum in Los Angeles. It was an amazing experience, every day we would walk down the main shipping hall where they would unload or load gear. It was a massive hallway so that a semi could fit through and park below. Around noon the music would start, and we would get to listen to his band play. Sometimes you would hear them just break into any song that they wanted.
After a month we moved From the Forum to Staples, where we were there for only five days before he passed away. It was one of the most surreal experiences that I have ever had. Since we were the team on hand, we ended up covering the memorial, which was the second most surreal experience that I have had.
Once again we  were brought back on to complete certain parts for the Movie “This is It”
These are final stills from the J5 Medley that was used in the movie. Initially, the is would have been a 4-minute piece. I only have a few pieces of what I was working on from that section. All work was done in Maya 2009 and rendered in Mental Ray.
The Rocket Man, originally designed by my friend Scott Pagano, who I met on that job. He was working on the titles, so I finished up this section for the movie.

Michael Jackson | The Dome Show 

These are some of the only renders that I have of what would have played on the screen. You can also see Michael Jackson rehearsing in front of my piece.
At the time I was really into baking out my Final Gather pass. It was kind of a new technique at the time and I loved the way that the point clouds would look as the recorded a visual reference of time.

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