Deadmau5 | Tour Visuals | The Juno Awards

Production Company: VT Pro Design
Creative Director: Michael Fullman
Producer | Creative Direction: Eye Vapor | Jeff Smith

In 2014 and 2015, I produced a series of pieces with Jeff Smith of Eyevapor and Michael Fullman from Vt Pro Design. Initially produced for a few year-end shows, I was lucky to be able to hone up some of my real-world model making skills, as well as produce a few CG pieces. Through February and March of 2015, we were tasked with producing the visuals for the Juno Awards, for a new song that Deadmau5 would be debuting with vocals from Colleen D’Agostino. All shot visuals were shot by Michael Fullman and Myself, and all additional CG elements were handled by myself. This was especially challenging, due to the short turnaround time and large render size. All work was produced in Houdini, exported as alembic files and rendered in Redshift through Maya 2015. Redshift is my current go-to amazing renderer when Mantra will just be too slow.

Model Developement:

The Juno Awards

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