Botanical Dimensions | Master of Shapes | Immersive Experience

Creative Technologist: Adam Amaral
Game Development: Rob Meza, Jordan Halsey, Jonathan Moore
Sound Design: Canopy L.A
I was brought on by Master of Shapes to do level design, VFX, and look development on an immersive and interactive experience. Built-in Unreal Engine Botanical Dimensions was installed in a warehouse in Los Angeles where a small real-world jungle environment was built. Utilizing a wide variety of plants that were rented the environment was further made immersive with the use of a full Dolby Atmos sound system. The viewer would stand within this space and be in control of a 14′ rear-projected hexagon that flew through the immersive world we created. The environment was further supplemented by interactive L.E.D lighting and fog machines.

Terrain Development | Houdini | Unreal Engine

Terrain development was created using a custom asset that integrated into Unreal Engine though a Houdini Digital Asset. This allowed for complex masks based on attributed embedded in the heightfield to be propagated through the pipeline to affect both the shading network and the procedural placement of foliage using Unreals native Procedural Foliage Spawner. This allowed for the landscape to be adjusted on the fly in Houdini and updated in Unreal Engine.

Terrains in Houdini

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