Blizcon Starcraft II Stage | Projection Mapping | V Squared Labs

Production Company: V Squared Labs
VSL Director: Vello Virkhaus
Client: Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Lead Producer: Steve Parker
Blizzard Game Producers: Elisha Cabrera, Tony Hsu, Tim Morten, and Jennifer Owings
Blizzard Program Managers: Tyler Rosen and Adam Rosen
In 2014 I was brought on by V Squared Labs to design and animate the “Protoss” look for the Starcraft II stage at BlizzCon. This is the largest projection-mapped stage that I have worked on, at 130ft wide x 40ft tall the 3d projection-mapped stage for the Anaheim Convention Center Arena used twenty-four 26K projectors. This helped to make this the second largest projection-mapped stage in the eSports field with the number one highest pixel count. This was challenging due to short turnaround time and the very large resolutions that we had to work at, 8192X3170. We received quite a bit of asset from Blizzard but being game-based assets, incorporating them into a specific high-resolution stage design was difficult. Much of the design work and modeling had to be done from scratch. As well the organic nature of the “Protoss” look combined with the rigid geometry of the stage posed another difficulty.
Each look had to have three loops, capable of alternating between left and right player: intro, play, victory, with the outro just being the intro in reverse.
VSL Producer: Andi Perez
VSL Production Design: Amanda Hamilton
VSL System Programming and Live Visualist: Keith Lostracco
VSL Technical Production and Live Visual Support: Evan Pierre
VSL Lead Animators: Carlo Sa and Aaron Kaminar
VSL Animators: Benjamin Budzak, Ofer Zmora, Jordan Halsey, Steven Gagne, Jordan Montreuil, and Richard Powell
VSL Junior Animators: Art Perez, Alec Maassen, Jordan Montreuil, and Sankara Souvignon
VSL 3D Modelers: Tyler Russo and Aaron Coleman-Hayes
Event Production: Yellow Light Live
YLL Technical Director: Pete Emminger
YLL Stage Director: Curtis Anderson
YLL Event Planner: Matt Hicks
Broadcast Production: ELS
Video and Lighting Creative Technologies
CT Project Manager Ethan Pico
Lighting Programmer: Cat West
Set Fabrication and Engineering: Stage House, Las Vegas
SHLV Director: Tony Lamecker
SHLV Project Manager: Robin Hayden
Rigging: Dan Morehouse
Decking: Accurate Staging
Photography: Carlos Gonzales
Video Documentation: Carlo Sa, Art Perez, Amanda Hamilton and Jessar Nygard (time-lapse)
©2014 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.