Belmont Tunnel | Things Now Gone | 2003


These shots were taken in 2003 right after I had just acquired a Mamiya 7IIe. This was my first range finder camera and it took me a while to get the hang of it. These are not the best photographs, but I still like them, especially in that, this place is both historic, and gone. The Belmont Tunnel (Here is an interesting article on KCET) was still a little rough around the edges in 2003, and was the frequent spot for local gang members to hang out, as well as a spot for graffiti artists.

These last two shots were taken with  Nikon F3. I rested the camera as best as I could against the break in the corrugated metal covering that covered up the tunnel opening. I don’t remember the shutter speed but it was real slow, and the ISO was cranked. Not sure what I was shooting on, but most likely Velvia. I had to denoise a lot to just look at them, but I love showing inside of the tunnel. I could tell that I could have forced the opening, as people obviously done in the past, and go inside but I did not really feel that adventurous.