Introduction to  Houdini Digital Assets. In this tutorial, we will examine the fundamentals of creating a simple H.D.A. As an example, we will create a tool that will make procedural I-beams of any size. In addition to being able to adjust the shape and size of the i-beam, the tool will automatically UV our object. Lastly, once the tool is finished it can be imported into Unity or Unreal Engine. Therefore we can use our tool in any application that takes an H.D.A. As a result, we will be able to create any i-beam of any size and use them however we want. In conclusion, Houdini Digital Assets are a great way to create tools for use in other applications. This lets us build modular reusable assets. This is a very quick introduction to show how easy it is to make a useful asset in Houdini. This will show you the basics of:

  • Linking parameters
  • Auto UV Maps
  • How to Build a simple interface in Houdini
  • How to correctly name and save H.D.A’s

Once you have done this tutorial one should have a solid basic understanding of Houdini Digital Assets and can explore further tutorials to increase your skills.
This is as a follow up to a lecture for a class I teach in Houdini. This is so the students can re-cap the in-class lecture. I apologize for any lack of polish. Hopefully, there will be some good information there.

You can download a free version of Houdini here.

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