Filming Stan Lee with Stereo Red Weapons in 8k

Last week I had the amazing experience of filming Stan Lee with Stereo Red Weapons in 8k. This was for a virtual reality interview with Kevin Smith. This was a stereo shoot and took place in Stan’s small office in his home above Sunset Plaza. The shoot was for Legion Entertainment. They wanted to document important people in the comic book industry so that we could view them in Virtual Reality in the future. Which is why we went with the new Red Weapons in 8k. Stan was there with his wife and daughter and was very engaging and friendly with everyone.

red dragon 8k stereo

Behind the Scenes Filming Stan Lee

Derrin Turner, our resident VR Director and Head of Production, frames the camera.

On set with Stan Lee
on set with Stan Lee and his wife

Technical Details

As the Technical Director for VR Playhouse I designed the camera system that we used. For this shoot, we used the new Red Weapon 8K. We shot the cameras as stereo pairs on an offset nodal rig. We made sure to keep all action in one shot. This was why we had to use such a wide angle lens. This way we could shoot a clean plate, then the whole interview from one position. After the interview was finished, we then shot the remaining angles of the office.


This way we were able to blend between the interview footage and the rig removed clean plates. In the end we shot eight wedges at 8k resolutions. We were able to get decent stereo stitches out of Cara VR for Nuke. It will be challenging to rectify the lighting between the final wedges, and will probably require some finessing.

Red Weapon Stereo Arii 8mm Primes
Stereo Red Stan Lee

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