Jordan Reece Halsey is a Los Angeles based video artist with a deep interest in technology, form, simulation, patterns, and image. He has designed and created works for Madonna, Michael Jackson, Walt Disney, and many others. He has been at the forefront of emerging technologies and an expert in Projection-Mapping, having produced work for the seminal Amon Tobin Isam 2.0 tour, Google, Magento, Ford, and others. Most recently he has completed work on the Miley Cyrus “Bamgerz” tour, Skrillex “Mothership 2.0”, and a suite of tour Visuals and projection mapping for A$AP ROCKY. Currently, his main focus is on exploring real-time graphics, immersive video, and virtual reality.

My Background

After leaving art school, and before I attended architecture school I had a series of jobs, most notably working at Maxfield on Melrose. Retail was not a great option and a friend presented me with the opportunity at working at the Zero One Gallery on Melrose Avenue. Zero One’s owner John Pochna ran a loose ship and I did my best to keep it straight. This was a time when we showed Raymond Pettibone, Robert Williams, Anthony Ausgang, Chaz Bojorquez and many other now notable artists from the Los Angeles arts community. I worked in the art world until deciding to back to school for architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. I remain friends with many of the people that I met during these years and have more of my history and involvement in the art world here:
Some Notable Jobs
While the main focus of my world has been very rooted in architectural development, both real and virtual, I have had a variety of projects across a variety of fields. Below are what I consider milestones in my life.
JNCO Jeans | Designer | 1995-1996
After working in film as a Set Designer and Art Director I started working at JNCO Jeans in 1995. Hired as a Graphic Designer, mostly just because I knew Photoshop and Illustrator, I quickly transitioned into starting their first P.O.P program. I first designed their trade show booth, and that led to designing and building their first and only store on Melrose and Martel. I used FormZ, an early C.A.D. 3D modeler, and a raytracer to design and create 3d renders for approval. The plans were then drafted in Adobe Illustrator 3.0. I oversaw the entire permitting and construction process. At the time, it was quite an overwhelming experience. I had had previous construction oversight experience but had never pulled a permit through the Department of Building and Safety.
JNCO Store design by Jordan Halsey
Jnco Jeans - Trade Show Booth Design
Tribe Design | Designer | 1997-2001
I met Bruce Rodgers, Production Designer and owner of Tribe Design through a mutual friend Frank Lentz. Frank had just started working for Digital Entertainment Network as Creative Director and knew my architectural and 3d modeling and rendering skills. Bruce was an upcoming Production Designer, having worked with Frank at Channel One. The first job I did for Bruce was the main interview set for Digital Entertainment Network, but through 2001, I worked on many notable jobs for Tribe Design, including Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, Microsoft, Hanson, Brittany Spears, and many others.
Convention Booth Design For Motorola
Michael Jackson | The Dome Show | This Is It | Tour and Movie Graphics
Hired by Robb Wagner at Stimulated, Inc through and introduction of my friend Bob Kopp who had been working for Robb for awhile. This was one of those once in a lifetime job that is too hard to encapsulate in a short paragraph. I have more details on the project page.
Michael Jackson in front of graphics by Jordan Halsey