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February 2017

Opening Multiple Instances of Adobe After Effects

Being a long-time After Effects user from back in the Cosa days before it was bought out by Adobe, this is a little trick that, even when I show it to some power users their jaw will drop in surprise. Yes, you can open and run multiple copies of After Effects on the same computer at the same time and it is so lame and easy to set up that it is crazy that it does not just do this out of the box.
after effects properties window
All you need to do is go in the properties window by right clicking on the icon and choosing properties (get info on Mac OSX). After the command to open the program append a -m which is the flag for multiple and you will now be able to open up several After Effects projects all at once.

Filming Stan Lee | Stereo Red Weapons in 8k

Last week I had the amazing experience of being able to be on location while we filmed Kevin Smith interviewing Stan Lee and his wife over several hours. As the Technical Director for VR Playhouse, I do not always need to be onsite during shoots and often have too much on my plate that I skip them knowing that DJ, our Head of Production, will take care of everything. This shoot was different on many levels. First off it was Stan Lee being interviewed in his home office, and then technically we needed an extra set of eyes. For the shoot we used the very new Red Weapon 8K as stereo pairs on an offset nodal rig, with 8mm Arri Primes.
red dragon 8k stereo
Derrin Turner, our resident VR Director and Head of Production, frames the camera.
On set with Stan Lee
Stan Lee looks at Kevin Smith
on set with Stan Lee
We shot clean plates before the shoot and then locked off the camera for the interview. After the interview we then did another batch of clean plates where we removed the lighting from each 45 degree wedge and used a general fill. This way we hope to be able to blend between the interview footage and the rig removed clean plates. With eight wedges at 8k resolutions, stitching is going to be interesting. In our tests we were able to get decent stereo stitches out of Cara VR for Nuke but it will be challenging to rectify the lighting between the final wedges and will probably require some finessing. Then we move onto the stereo integration of the interview plateā€¦
Red Weapon Stereo Arii 8mm Primes
Stereo Red Stan Lee