Barclay Hotel Basement | 2003

These photos were taken shortly after I had acquired a Mamiya 7IIe. I was working on a job where we were shooting in the basement at the far end of this location. Knowing that I would have nothing to really do, I brought along this camera, and thought hat I would do some low light testing. These are long exposures, unfortunately I did not write down the times, but from what I remember they were in the minutes. 

The second photograph was used as the book cover for “The Basement of Wolves” by David Allen Cox, through Arsenal Pulp Press ( I received a random email on day asking for the rights, and that they had found it via Flickr. They paid me $500.00, which was amazing as I had never thought that I would ever get any money from any of my photo work. They check took forever to come, and I had actually forgot about it, so when it did, another pleasant surprise.